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Artec PP-607 Transducer Ceramic PIEZO Pickup on a Harley Benton Custom Line ResoKing

New Piezo Transducer pickup – Artec PP-607 Ceramic PIEZO Pickup

This article is an update of the post I made about the mods I did to the Harley Benton Custom Line ResoKing guitar.

I was unhappy of the original piezo included in the guitar. Despite adding a custom JFET Tillman preamp, I add weird and unsolvable outcome.

The strings’ volume was unbalanced. The two lower strings were much louder that the remaining strings and the G string was dead.

I tried to play with the bridge placement to find a spot where the G string was louder, but the D string was losing volume, and the high E string was positioned too close to the edge of the fingerboard.

It was a lost battle. The problem was caused by the shape of the piezo. Each string has a section separated by a slot in the pickup, and it wasn’t possible to align it properly. They probably used a regular first price piezo made for acoustic guitars, and the resonator’s string… Continue reading