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41065_459529732577_5332998_nWelcome to my blog

My name is Hervé Senni, and I am a professional musician since many years. I am today 55 years old, and I started studying music when I was 13 years old.

My main instrument is the guitar. But I also play bass, and I write music as a composer and an arranger.

I own a home studio, and I am like every musician: a compulsive buyer and a gear addict.

Fixing and trying to improve guitars that most of the time didn’t need to be repaired or amended turned me into an accomplished luthier. After spending so many years soldering wires and hacking guitars, I am now finally able to craft quality guitars at the fraction of a cost of a regular instrument. ( I had to demolish a notable amount of potentiometers, pickups, pickguards and rendered unplayable some guitars that were very well before in the process…Learning on your own has a cost)

66366_1428346155027_1424022198_31073438_1251339_nI was born in Nice, France in 1961, and I moved to Montréal, Canada in 1977. I lived there up to 1990, and during that span of time, I managed to become a bachelor of fine arts at Concordia University.

During that period I played with most of the jazz musicians from Montréal in many different groups, and I also formed my own band to play my music. We performed at the Montréal Jazz Festival and at most of the local jazz clubs under different lineup and names during the 80’s.

I came back to France in 1990, and I continued my musical carrier in various groups and styles of music.

I started CAM with the first computer available at the time, the infamous Atari 520 ST, and I never stopped since.

I am now producting my music in my home studio and I sell custom guitar parts on Senni Guitar as well  as eBay.

Why this site?…

I decided to launch this blog to help you to choose the gear you need and to find it out at the best price available online. I am genuinely interested in sharing my knowledge concerning my primary interest which is electric guitar and studio gears.

I am giving an honest and unbiased opinion about the equipment I review. Most of the article published on this site are covering the gears I use or that I have used.

I read so many uninformative contents online that are way too much commercial, that I felt a blog run by a musician for musicians was needed. Well, I don’t know if it was needed, but I feel like making one because I love blogging as much as I love playing. 🙂

The amount of equipment today is simply astronomical, and I sincerely think my two cents can lead you in the right direction and avoid you to buy the wrong piece of equipment.

If you have any question concerning the gears discussed on this site or any other guitar gear on which you want more information, do no hesitate to ask. I’d be more than happy to answer you, and maybe even create a complete article about it if I consider it might interest the community.

Rock on

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