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guitar gear searchRight before starting to write this page I did a search on Google for the term “guitar gear” and I got 27 000 000 results! It means there are a few million pages publishing about guitar gear!!!

Most of those pages are commercial websites who’s the only aim is to sell. Quite often they simply reproduce the sponsor text without adding any info. Every review has the same commercial speech claiming that the product is the best you can get. Often time, when there is a test video, the product is buried and embellished with tons of effects to make it sounds amazing. When you finally receive it, you wonder if they sent you the product you bought.

That is where I come in.

How I Write My Articles

Like you, I’m a gear junky and a compulsive buyer as soon as it concerns music. Like you, I have bought tons of useless equipment that I was obliged to return or worse, resell on eBay and loose money in the process. I Watched tons of amazing promo videos and studied endless flattering articles on sites mostly concerned about their ‘click here‘ link, only to be disappointed when the gizmo finally arrives. This never ending frustrating experience decided me to help the gear addict community like myself to find reliable equipment in the music industry that will do the job and sound amazing without breaking the bank.

If you own or have tried a product or many of the products reviewed on this blog, I would be very interested to read about your personal experience and appreciation of that piece of equipment.

Do You Have a Guitar or Studio Gear You Want Me to Review?

I review music gear regularly. If there is a product that I have not covered yet, or if I didn’t explain clearly enough some functions of a product already reviewed, please use the contact form or mention it on the gear’s post. I’ll be happy to write about it in the forthcoming update of the site.

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