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Guitar Preamp

Modified Electronic on a Harley Benton Custom Line ResoKing

harley-benton-resokingHarley Benton Custom Line ResoKing – Turn a first price resonator into a beast

Harley Benton Custom Line ResoKing. I bought this guitar at Thomann website for the low price of 198€, shipping included.

The guitar in its original version was ok. The action is set low, and the neck plays fast. But the electronic was really poor.

Neck Pickup

The original mini humbucker didn’t sound too good, and it was a two wires pup that I had to modify into a four wires pickup to split coil it.

I already had Belcat mini humbuckers I already changed into 4 wires, so I switched pickups for the best. Belcat is an excellent brand even if yo can get them incredibly cheap compared to superstars established brands like Seymour Duncan or DiMarzio.

Series/parallel switch

I installed a series/parallel switch on the neck volume pot. Every time I work on a humbucker I install a three position toggle switch to have series/split/parallel. When I lack room to had an extra switch, and… Continue reading

Portable Acoustic Guitar Preamp – The Nux PA-2

Affordable Acoustic Guitar Effect Processor

Portable Acoustic Guitar PreampThe Nux PA-2 was launch in 2013. It is the counterpart of much dearer acoustic preamps such as the zoom A3 and the new G – natural from TC electronic.

Each guitar effect is limited, and depending on your need, some might fit you better than other. Personally, I had a Zoom A3 not too long ago, and I sold it on eBay because I wasn’t using it enough. I’m an electric guitar player, and at the time, I was using it rarely. I felt it was a waste of money to have such a top unit sleeping on a shelf being use once every blue moon. It was also difficult to use, and the sound was too artificial for my taste. Electronic devices lose value almost instantly and within a few years I’ll wouldn’t have been able to resell it for $50.

Since then, I started to use my acoustic guitars more often, and I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the sound I get plugging… Continue reading

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