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How to Build your Own Guitar kit and Make it Better than Established Guitar Brands – Sounds Impossible?

Build your own guitar kit – DIY guitar kit reviews

prs kit 1That idea might sound incredible, but you can craft an amazing instrument using a first price DIY guitar kit, and be able to surpass, or, at least, equal a guitar of an established brand. Part of this website is going to cover that subject regularly, posting step by step pictures and videos on how to build your own guitar kit.

The one misunderstanding is to think that you have to use precious woods and expensive parts to make a real electric guitar. You might also believe that it requires years of experience to create an excellent guitar. It’s true if you intend to build the entire body and neck from scratch. Those tasks require very expensive tools that need years of experience to master, and, of course, a dedicated workshop. (You can’t run a Rooter in your apartment on a regular basis). But it is quite easy to build an excellent instrument using a guitar kit. You just need… Continue reading

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