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galaxy drops
galaxy drops

Galaxy Drop is my latest recording featuring 12 unique songs distributed by Distrokid.
I recorded all of them during my copyright-free business trip. Many of my tracks were available on internet sites like Pond5, Productiontrax, and many worldwide web sites.

This business plan did not work for very long. The majority of those on-line companies are no longer active in the present day. That growing market was quickly wiped out by YouTube, which started to provide free music tracks to Youtubers. Why sell backing tracks if you can get them for free?

Also, I wasn’t pleased to lose control of my tunes and perhaps have them utilized to back up tacky videos.

Finally, the last nail on the coffin, Sacem (my copyright corporation), was indeed totally against it. It is totally illegal by their own rules to distribute music for free. I couldn’t even select some tracks for that business. Being a Sacem member, all of my songs are automatically affiliated with the SACEM, even if I do not register them.

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This album provides songs you can hear like traditional music without lacking videos — lots of time, soundtracks on their own sound unfinished.

I gathered every one of them by style to get a musical flow to the album. Galaxy Drop is the penultimate record featuring my soundtrack work. I merged several music types with this project: Nu jazz songs like Green Bag, Mighty and Slow Motion. Afro songs like Dholak, African night, Kassa Ni Soro, and electro-jazz with the song Jungle.

I also performed older songs of mine — numbers like Hypnotic Pyramid, Nostalgia, and Quai des Brunes.

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Nostalgia is a piece of music I wrote when I was 20 years old. It really is inspired by Erik Satie’s composition, the Gymnopédies. Quai des Brunes is definitely one of the themes I am interpreting in every imaginable music style conceivable. It’s not necessarily my personal favorite, even though I love it very much. Still, it really is the perfect theme that I can conveniently perform in many different music styles. I think it is featured in practically every recording. I can’t even recall the number of arrangements I made of that melody. Finally, the version included in this project uses the original bossa nova music style I utilized to write the song in 2000.

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At last, I added two songs featuring the sitar-guitar I constructed. Galaxy drops the main title of the recording and Senntar, the sitar-guitar nickname.

As a rule of thumb on every recording, I performed each instrument aside from the drums. I am using tremendous software supplying drum loops played by real drummers, employing authentic drum tones for the drum sound.

I in no way used the quantize function on any of my records. Simply because I never learned how to use it. This function is only interesting to music programming, and I never liked that approach. I play everything you hear. If I want to play a synth part that I cannot perform on the keyboard because I’m a weak piano player, I use a synth guitar.

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I am Hervé Senni, a pro musician and performer, Composer and arranger for quite some time. My main musical instrument is the electric guitar. I am also a bass player, mandolin, Ukulele player. I also invented string instruments.

Over the years, repairing and improving electric guitars that did not have to be upgraded converted me into a self-taught luthier.

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