GFS Gold Foil Pickups – Custom Strat Wire Diagram

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GFS Gold Foil PickupsGFS Gold Foil Pickups – Advanced HSH custom pickguard

GFS Gold Foil Pickups are the pickups powering this Partcaster. I made this beauty almost three years ago using parts from different places.

GFS Gold Foil Pickups

I bought the gold foil pickups on the guitar fetish website. The site is a great alternative to mods guitars cheaply without passing on quality. I think that Artec manufactures most of the electronic on sale at the site. I personally really like Artec pickups that I consider as good as better established brand such as Seymor Duncan and Dimarzio.

GFS Gold Foil Pickups are offered in different shapes. You can get them as humbuckers and single coil pickups. On this custom strat, I decided to make an HSH pickguard featuring my favorite wiring mods as well as an Artec VPS onboard booster.

About the Artec VTC booster

I already reviewed the Artec VTC booster in another Article on this site using the same custom strat. Check about it following this link if you’re interested to read and hear an in deep review of this great booster you can get under $20 on eBay.

Since I already reviewed it, I’m not going to talk about it more in this article.

GFS Gold Foil Pickups

The GFS Gold Foil Pickups reproduce the sound, feel and VIBE of the old Gold Foil Pickups from the 60’s. This types of pickup were first installed on cheap Japanese guitar from the 60s such a Teisco. They have been made famous by Ry Cooder who installed them on in his famous Coodercaster. Brand such as GFS and others decided to make them again with better wiring while respecting the original plans.

GFS made Humbuckers, P90 and Stratocaster’s single coil shape to offer a large choice for any guitar around.

I am a fan of those GFS Gold Foil Pickups. They have a smooth and warm sound that is perfect for blues or jazz.


I made this custom strat using a body made out of zebra wood and a neck from Derulo I bought on Aliexpress. I also used locking tuners from planet wave, two rolling trees, a Fender LSR roller nut, and a sustain block in brass from guitar fetish website.

I also installed a Goldo back box for tremolo stability. I forgot to review it in the video. I’m going to make an article about it soon. Stay June.


The wiring is straightforward if you are used to my work. I added two on-on-on toggle switches to get my favorite series/split/parallel mode switching. I also added an on-on toggle switch to get an independent neck pickup switch, also named Gilmore switch.

The volume pot is a 500 K push pull with a solo switch in the up position. Finally, the last pot is the great Artec VTC onboard booster.

Here are the plans I used to put together this Custom Strat Wire Diagram. Click on the small thumbs to get the large version it.

click on pics to get access to the large image

Custom Strat Wire Diagram  Series-Split-Parallel  Solo Switch

Note that if you want to have the solo function on when the pot is up, you have to invert the wiring. Like it is in the wiring, the solo mode is on when the pot is in down position.

Battery case

To locate the booster’s battery, I had to create an opening in the back of the guitar using my Dremel and a drill. It was long and complicated because the Zebra wood is hard and cumbersome. The guitar weight as much as a Les Paul if not more.

GFS Gold Foil Pickups and guitar parts links

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