Guitar Pick Test – Jim Dunlop – Ibanez & Ernie Ball pick tested

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Guitar Pick Test – Finding the ultimate pick

I used every pick available. The ones available at music shops and those popular with my friends.

I tried wood picks. They had great tones, but they were too noisy. Also, they were worn out fast. Since they were kind of pricey, I gave up on them quickly.

Whatever I was trying, I always got back to the regular pick we find at music shops. 

Recently, I was using Alice’s picks. I bought two boxes of them, and I thought they were OK. 

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Like many guitar players, I never really paid attention to my right-hand technic until recently. When I was having trouble playing a tricky part, I always focused on my left hand, assuming the error was coming from that side. Most of the time, if not always, the issue was my right hand. Finally, I decided to solve this problem for good. 

My position was wrong. I had known this for a long time, but since I’ve always been able to play fast without practicing much, I thought it was OK. Until a few weeks ago, I played with my fingers resting on the guitar body and with a regular large pick, 1.5mm thick.

But with that position, I was not clean in the bass strings and on certain string jumps. 

So, I ordered many picks from different brands and different thicknesses to find the best fit and improve my right-hand technique. 

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Here are the picks on the test:

  • Ernie Ball Prodigy 2.0mm White Mini.
  • Ernie Ball Prodigy 1.5mm Standard.
  • Ibanez – JTC 1
  • Jim Dunlop John Petrucci signature Ultex 1.5mm
  • Jim Dunlop John Petrucci Flow 2.0 mm 

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I test them in lead mode with crunch sound and rhythm mode with clean sound. When you are testing new picks, first, they are all uncomfortable to play.  You have to get used to them and adapt your hand position to each pick.

Since I’m testing those picks for a week now, I have more ease with the Jim Dunlop John Petrucci Flow 2.0 mm that I elected as my favorite pick than the others I do not fund. 

But if for whatever reason, I decided to use any other pick, I’m sure I will adapt fast. 

my ranking from worst to best is:

  • Ernie Ball Prodigy 2.0mm White Mini: way too small I can’t hold it. I feel too uncomfortable. 
  • Ibanez – JTC 1. Plastic is too weird—the pick slips. I don’t like the feeling.
  •  Ernie Ball Prodigy Standard 1.5mm. I don’t like the angles on the side of the pick. 
  • Jim Dunlop John Petrucci signature Ultex 1.5mm. Average. Even if I could get used to it, I prefer to use a regular 1.5 Alice pick than this one. 
  • Jim Dunlop John Petrucci Flow 2.0 mm. It is by far my favorite. I love the sound, the ease of playing fast, and the grip.  

I’m still fond of my regular light gauge Alice pick for funky rhythm and acoustic strumming. 

Even if I can funk with my Jim Dunlop Flow 2.0 mm, I prefer the light pick for that.

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