Schaller Sure Claw Install & Setting

Last Updated on January 14, 2022 by Hervé Senni

Schaller Sure Claw Install

Recently I decided to try the Schaller Sure Claw. Over the years, I tried everything possible to improve strat-like vibrato tuning and stability. However, up to now, I wasn’t wholly satisfied.  

The Schaller Sure Claw is the solution to those problems. It will never be as perfect as a fixed bridge, but this is normal. Vibratos go out of tune faster. 

The Schaller Sure Claw is the solution to this problem but at a cost. Unfortunately, it is costly for what it is. So, if you are not using your tremolo extensively, you can achieve great stability results without it. 

The perfect hardware setup

If you want to achieve the best results, you need:

  • Locking tuners
  • Rolling trees
  • Roller nut
  • A fat sustain block
  • Schaller Sure Claw

That is the ultimate hardware setup for Stratocaster and any Floyd Rose guitar. But, of course, depending on your instrument, you might already have some of them. 

In the video, I’m demoing install on two of my guitars

  • a custom semi-hollow body strat
  • a massively modified Fender Modern Player Stratocaster

In the end, I’m improvising over a backing track of one of my latest songs, Jumping Flea. Of course, you can’t hear the difference, but strings stability is greatly improved.

Link to get it

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