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Dick Dale Signature Stratocaster Guitar is a very unusual fender construction. It only has a pot (as the main volume control), a 3-way pickup selector, and a special toggle switch to activate just the bridge and center pickup. It’s a very practical and “clear sounding” configuration. Surf guitar Enthusiasts know what I mean.


By the way, I’m not sure my circuit is 100% the same as the Dale guitar, but it works the same way. I am not sure what the pot value is. I’m also not sure what the type of the original toggle switch is, but the DPDT will do the same job as in my diagram.

How it works?

The pickup selector (slider) has only 3 positions. You can only pick one p-up with this thing.

The additional toggle switch has two positions. The first connects the 3-way selector switch to the guitar volume control. The second bypasses the selector and you get the signal from the bridge and the middle pickup, also from the pot.


Guitar cabling with just one potentiometer (volume) means that the entire circuit has less treble loss than the common 3-pot and 2-pot versions. This is one of the reasons Dick Dale’s guitar tone is so crisp and clear.

You can experiment with pot values ​​(250K, 500K, 1M). The higher the value, the lighter the tone.

The additional switch (bridge + middle pickup activator) can also be made from a push-pull pot.

With some high-quality parts, this control of the guitar electronics is very handy and robust. It’s really good stuff for surf music and / or well-developed, crisp guitar tone enthusiasts.

Dick Dale – Miserlou (live, YT)

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