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Last Updated on August 31, 2020 by Hervé Senni

The Guitar Wiring Blog is an old established site where I picked lots of diagram when I started modifying guitars.

Direct through switch is a Guitar mod, popular with Stratocasters and Fat Strats. It is designed to send the pickup signal straight to the jack by omitting all of the pots. It makes the sound brighter and more dynamic.

Usually it consists of a push-pull pot. What is good if you don’t want to lose any of the Stratocaster tone controls? In this article I want to show you a slightly different version of this great guitar mod. It is a direct-through software based on a quick-to-use switch.


The biggest advantage of a toggle over a push-pull is that it is more robust and very quick to use. You don’t have to worry about the precision of the movement. A quick click and you have activated the function.

The toggle switch (DPDT switch) in this guitar wiring is in the place that normally belongs to the second clay pot. In order to save the tone control function for the middle pickup, I changed the connections of the first clay pot. In this project it can control the neck and the center pickup signal.

For most of the selection positions, the wiring works like a typical Strat. The tone for the neck + medium configuration is a little brighter. That’s because there are two potentiometers, not three.

The transducer signal goes directly to the output when the switch is in the upper position. You can wire the SW the other way around if you want.

It’s a fairly simple and inexpensive guitar mod. It’s usually known as a Stratocaster wiring modification, but it can be done in almost any guitar with a Strat-style pickup selector.

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