Unboxing Boss SY-1000 – Testing Guitar The Regular Input Jack

Unboxing Boss SY-1000

This video is the first in a long series.
I just bought this excellent crankset, thinking it was an update to the SY-300 that I already had. I sold it to make room for my gear, and I immediately regretted it. So when I was looking for a synth guitar pedal, I came across the SY-1000. I thought it was the same updated synth. Both pedals look more or less alike.

Well… I’m glad I sold the SY-300. It’s a toy compared to this machine.

This guitar synth is by far the best gear I have ever bought.

Since I believed I was buying an evolved and updated SY-300, I thought it worked almost the same… So I didn’t bother to buy a GK5 mic and GK-3 jack, 13 pins.

So when I tried it, I got no sound! I thought it was flawed. That’s when I looked like a jerk: I asked the seller to take it back! 😉

I must stress that the manual is relatively brief. Nothing is mentioned anywhere regarding the accessible banks for a regular guitar jack. The only banks that work with a conventional jack are 48-1 to 50-4!
Also, nothing is stated on how to update it.

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Finally, I was able to make it work, and I was blown away like never before.

I quickly created a guitar sound for my custom Tele within minutes. I didn’t have to change the factory settings for each effect. I took a distortion sound that I liked for this guitar, and voila!

Not only is the sound great, but you can easily recognize the type of guitar. It looks like a real tube amp. Most emulation pedals these days are fantastic, but the guitar sound is completely hidden. You are not playing a Strat or a Tele, but an effect. And the sound is the same as any guitar you could use.

At the moment, I’m still waiting for my GK-3 13-pin midi jack to test and learn the SY-1000 thoroughly.

Stay tuned. I will be making tons of videos on this fantastic guitar synth.

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