Artec PP-607 Transducer Ceramic PIEZO Pickup on a Harley Benton Custom Line ResoKing

Last Updated on August 18, 2020 by Hervé Senni

New Piezo Transducer pickup – Artec PP-607 Ceramic PIEZO Pickup

This article is an update of the post I made about the mods I did to the Harley Benton Custom Line ResoKing guitar.

I was unhappy of the original piezo included in the guitar. Despite adding a custom JFET Tillman preamp, I add weird and unsolvable outcome.

The strings’ volume was unbalanced. The two lower strings were much louder than the remaining strings and the G string was dead.

I tried to play with the bridge placement to find a spot where the G string was louder, but the D string was losing volume, and the high E string was positioned too close to the edge of the fingerboard.

>>>Piezo Transducer pickup<<<

It was a lost battle. The problem was caused by the shape of the piezo. Each string has a section separated by a slot in the pickup, and it wasn’t possible to align it properly. They probably used a regular first price piezo made for acoustic guitars, and the resonator’s string spacing is different.

Even if I was able to solve the G string problem, the two lower strings were always much louder.

Check out the video I made with the new Artec piezo pickup

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I ordered an Artec Transducer PP-607 Ceramic PIEZO Pickup on eBay for 15€ shipping included.

It was the easiest mood I ever did on a guitar. I just cut the mini jack included and soldered it to the actual piezo wire. Et voilà!

The guitar is now fully modified and sounds amazing.

Check this article if you want to see all the mods I did to that guitar. The video on that page will allow you to compare the old piezo with the new one.

Links to get the Artec piezo pickup

  • Huge choice of Resonator guitars
  • Transducer piezo @ AliExpress

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