Kawai FIII – Air Norton & Super Distortion DiMarzio pickups- Floyd Rose FRX Tremolo

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Kawwai FIII
Kawwai FIII

Kawai FIII Neck-through guitar

Kawai FIII is a guitar I bought on eBay 3 or 4 years ago. I paid it 500€ if I remember right.

As soon as I received it, I modified it completely.

Brief Kawai and japanese guitar builders history

Kawai is a Japanese brand famous for its acoustic piano. They are one of the best. In the 80s, they were distributing an excellent guitar line. But in those times, Japanese guitars had a bad reputation. They had a strange look compared to their American counterparts, and the lower price tags made them look crappy.

It was the beginning of Ibanez, and this is the only brand with Yamaha that survived to that era. Too bad. Brands like Kawai, Greco, Guyatone, Tokai, Tokai

They were also copying American guitars without respecting copyrights. At the time, China was not cloning the entire world. Japan had that nasty reputation. Ibanez and Yamaha developed their models. The others stopped or changed their activities.

Kawai FIII

I changed the pickups for Air Norton & Super Distortion DiMarzio pickups. The pickups installed on the guitar were not original. They were Irongears pickups. They are excellent pickups, but I already had a guitar with the same ones.

I sold them on eBay, and I bought the DiMarzio on Thomann for 150€.
I also installed an FRX Floyd Rose tremolo. I’m not too fond of a guitar without a tremolo. I’m not a kind of the whammy bar, but I feel naked if there’s no whammy. I use it often. I’m not a dive bomber, but I like to use it often.

Check the Video

This tremolo is a beast. It is one of my favorite. It is as good as it is ugly.
Easy to install and easy to set. Tuning stays forever. I also like the locking nut a lot. It looks terrific, and it works perfectly.

I contacted Floyd Rose to buy some locking tuners to install on other guitars featuring different types of tremolo, but the price they were asking for was ridiculously high. Too bad.


I recorded a song called Winnie, using that guitar for the lead part. I used my custom Stratocaster for the rhythm part and my five strings bass.

Listen to the video. I used tons of copyright-free content from Pexel and many websites. I’m collecting free content for years.

Get the pickups and tremolo at Thomann

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