Kazuki Neon Mini TL Telecaster

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Kazuki Neon Mini TL Telecaster

This article is a review of the Kazuki Neon Mini Telecaster guitar. 

I bought this guitar in the first place because I wanted to turn it into a mandola. 

I already did that job using a kid guitar from Thomann, and it worked just fine. 

Right after I received this mini Telecaster, I decided to import all my beloved instruments from France.  

So why turn it into a mandola when I have one already done? By the way, I’m still waiting for my instruments. 

They are somewhere around Singapour, and there have been many delays due to the Suez canal incident. 

I decided to test it like a guitar, and I fell in love with it right away. 

The scale is 578 mm, which is 22.7″ inch. The guitar is intended to be tuned in A. 

It’s like playing a regular guitar with a capo at the fifth fret. 

Or like a ukulele with two extra-low strings.

watch the video

It’s not easier than a regular guitar because string tension is higher. Still, the shorter neck allows playing extended fingerings impossible to do on a guitar. 

The downside: Bends are more challenging than a strat. But bends are more difficult on a Les paul than a strat already. The neck is a lot shorter, so it’s much harder to bend strings on this mini guitar. 

The most interesting aspect of it is the range. Playing a fourth higher allows playing in the upper register easily. The higher range nullifies clashing frequency issues when overdubbing or playing with a regular guitar. 

The sound of the pickups is fantastic. I was amazed by its quality for such a low price instrument. The only thing I miss is a tremolo. Maybe one day, I’ll install a stetsbar tremolo like on my senior custom telecaster.

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