Mooer GE300 – Expression Pedal Examples of Use

Last Updated on August 14, 2021 by Hervé Senni

Mooer GE300 Eexpression Pedal Example of Use

In this video, I am demoing many different expression pedal usages to maximize the Mooer GE300 sound to the max easily. A lot of people think it’s only a volume pedal or a wah. But it is much more than that. if some mods are not easy to spot at first.

In this video, I’m going to show you interesting usages of the expression pedal.

I already published a video on how to set the expression pedal. In this one, I want to focus on the usage you can make with it and how it sounds.


I only have one expression pedal. So I am using an actual volume pedal to control my volume.

In the expression pedal setting windows, you can select two expression pedals.

On both, you can select Function and merge.

The MERGE function on the EXP allows you to assign specific parameters of an effect to an expression pedal, as many as you wish. AND you can control the effects change to the direction of travel on the expression pedal.

You can, for example, have the delay repeats increase at the same time as the distortion decreases. And you can control that with the expression pedal.

I’ll review that in a coming video after I experimented with it.

The top part of the expression control window reveals all the effects you
can assign to the expression pedal.

The bottom section of the FUNCTION menu allows you to assign the parameter you want to control with the expression pedal.

It is not limited to volume or wah. All the effects are controllable with the pedal.

Before demoing some of the cool usages I’m doing with the expression pedal, I want to focus on a crucial setting detail.

If, like me, you have an independent volume pedal or a second expression pedal. I highly encourage you to deactivate the volume pedal in your patch setting.

Here is why

I must press the toe of the expression pedal down all the way to turn the expression pedal ‘on.’ When the green led is shining, the expression pedal is on. But if you go too far while using the expression pedal, you are going to deactivate it. So, if your volume is selected in your patch, you will switch to the volume pedal, and your sound is going to be dead.

By unselecting the volume pedal, when you deactivate the expression pedal by mistake, the effect selected to be controle by the pedal is going to be at the max setting you selected. Much better than having no sound suddenly.

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