Artec Electronics Active EQ & Booster on a 24 Frets Custom Guitar – Artec MP3 & Artec QTB

artec electronicArtec Electronics Onboard Equalizer and Booster

Artec Electronic offers a great alternative to customize a guitar for a low price with high-quality components. The only hassle is to find or create a place to put the battery. Most of the passive electric guitars do not have such free spot, and on a Stratocaster type of instrument, it can be a PITA.

I have built this guitar using a kit from AliExpress. I paid 161$ shipping included. It’s a 24 frets hollow-body guitar that looks like a sort of PRS. I don’t know what the model of that guitar is. Normally, with kits, it’s always a copy of a well-known instrument such as SG, Telecaster, Les Paul, etc…

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This one I have no clue… But it’s a fantastic kit.

As I say in the video, I changed the hardware completely. I only kept the tuners, selector and jack plate. Everything else is new. The hardware included in any kit is first price quality.

If you only build a kit using the materials included, you’ll end up with a first price guitar. Like Squier or a Harley Benton. If you use good quality gear to amend the instrument, you’ll end up with a guitar that is much better than most of the expensive guitars available on the market.

On this project, I used:

  • Two ceramic Wilkinson Zebra pickups
  • An Artec MT3 3 bands active EQ
  • An Artec QTB booster
  • Two on-on-on toggle switch featuring series/split/parallel options for the neck & bridge pickups
  • An on-on toggle switch to set both pickups out-of-phase

To install all this electronic equipment, I had to create an opening in the back of the guitar. I bought a Les Paul back plate on eBay for a few dollars.

For the paint job, I used Ruby dyed water. I applied it with a sponge. When I got the right color, I finished the job using two cans of transparent acrylic varnish.

>>>Electric Guitar<<<

Installing the Artec MT3 and the Artec QTB is pretty straight-forward.

The split/parallel options and the out-of-phase wiring is the same as usual. Download the file from Seymour Duncan. You just have to get the wires color matching of your pickups. Each brand has its own. Why make something simple when it can be complicated?

Click on the small thumbnails to download them.

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 series/split/parallel & out-of-phase  Artec ELectronic MT3 Wiring  Artec QTB

I used this guitar on many songs featured on my albums. The piece I play at the beginning of the video is an extract of a song named Ruby taken from my latest album called Keep It Simple.

You can find my music on Amazon, Apple Music, MediaNet, Deezer, Google Play, Microsoft Groove, iTunes, Pandora, Shazam, Spotify, Tidal and many other streaming or download services available online. You just have to search for my name, Hervé Senni and enjoy my five albums.

You can also follow this link to read a review of “Keep It Simple” on my other blog and get all the links needed to listen to it.

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