BOSS RV 6 Demo: Is It Any Good?

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BOSS RV 6 test

BOSS RV 6 Demo - Is It Any Good? Tested with a Modified Harley Benton TE-90QM with P180 GFS Pickups
BOSS RV 6 Demo – Is It Any Good? Tested with a Modified Harley Benton TE-90QM with P180 GFS Pickups

Tested with a Modified Harley Benton TE-90QM with P180 GFS Pickups. If you want to know more about this guitar, I totally modified it years ago. I made a video about it, you can check the demo following this link.

I tried this BOSS RV-6 reverb pedal because I’m displeased by the reverbs included in the Moooer GE300. Sadly, the RV-6 is way worse than the Mooer’s reverbs.

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Back to the Boss RV-6

As I said, I bought this pedal because I’m not satisfied with mooer GE300’s reverbs. The Mooer’s reverbs are maybe not that bad, but they are hard to set.

I’m a knobs guy. I love to set up effects by turning knobs and setting them up by ear. I hate having to deal with frequencies. I’m not a sound man. 

First, I wanted to buy an RV 500, but I lack room for that monster on my pedalboard. So, I thought that this RV-6 being half the price, might be half the pedal too… Well, no!

Out of the eight reverbs included in this pedal, only the first six are ok. The shimmer sucks, and I do not need the +delay one. I have delays in the mooer, the sy1000, and I own a TC electronic three plays flashback.

 >>>reverb pedals <<<

On top of it, you cannot save any presets, and the setting is pretty limited. 

So, I returned it. Last night, right after taping the video.

I’m waiting for a Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb Pedal that I ordered yesterday. 

I do not recommend this Boss RV-6. There are tons of them available at the same price tag, more or less. 

Pedals like TC Electronic Hall of Fames 2 or any Electro Harmonix or MXR pedals are much better than this one.

It also depends if you are into regular reverb or ambiance music.

I need both. I love the shimmer effect and also Plate or spring reverb. So, this pedal was not for me.

I will test the Source Audio Ventris Dual Reverb as soon as I know how to run it. I hope it’s going to be the one. 

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