GK-3 Divided Pickup Setting & Boss SY 1000 Guitar Synthesizer Testing

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GK-3 Divided Pickup Setting

I’m going to explain how I installed the Roland GK3 pickup and started with the Boss SY1000 guitar synthesizer!

I had a big issue filming the pickup installation. So, the few images left is poorly framed and lack interest.

I’m going to explain to you in detail how I installed the pickup. It is relatively easy, but you must have the right guitar for it.

I mean that the room needed on the guitar body to place the controller and the pickup is big.

At first, I wanted to install it on my Senniac guitar. It has 24 frets, a sustainiac system, and a good vibrato.
Also, the pickups are excellent, and the electronic features some of my favorite mods.

Sadly, the controller was too big and interfered with the handling of the guitar electronic. One of the vibrato saddles was in contact with the midi pickup when I was using it.

So, I checked both of my switch guitars, but the curvy shape of the guitar’s body was in the way.

Finally, I opted for my custom strat. I already reviewed that guitar 3 years ago. It’s a fantastic instrument.

Check the article and video

To install the pickup, I had to cut out the pickguard because it was too high. The pickup was touching the strings.

It’s not a difficult task, but it obliges you to modify the guitar. The only guitar model I have that could fit the installation without any mods is a Les Paul. But the guitar has no vibrato.

Watch the video

Perfect guitar for perfect fit

The type of guitar body Taylor-made for such an install must have enough room between the end of the bridge and the end of the guitar to fit the controller.

Also, tune o Matic bridge or any angle neck is better because you have much string height at the bridge to install the midi pickup easily.

To modify the pickguard, I used a Dremel, and I finished with a file. It took me less than 10 minutes.

The longer was to choose the guitar to use.

Fixed controller setting

I decided to screw the controller on the guitar body because the pickup was screwed, and also because those mounted metal parts included for temporary fitting is ugly as hell.

Read the unboxing video and the testing of the regular input jack

Original review of the guitar

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