Electric Tenor Ukulele – Clearwater Solid-body Ukulele

Last Updated on November 11, 2021 by Hervé Senni

Check me out rocking this Electric Tenor Ukulele

I bought this Clearwater Solid-body Ukulele at eBay for a low price. I don’t remember precisely how much I paid for it, but it was cheap. I’m sure I bought it at The Really Useful Music Company shop on eBay.

Now you cannot find any of those solid-body instruments online. All shops are out of stock. But if you can grab one, go for it.

I changed the strings for the JIM DUNLOP Billy Gibbons 7-38 Electric Guitar Strings. I’m not a fan of those strings, but I tested them on a strat and found them way too slack, so I removed them immediately.

Because of the short neck of the Ukulele, I could swap them easily. I still find them too sloppy on the Ukulele, but it’s more acceptable than on a real guitar. I’ll try 08 next time I change them.

I cannot play with the natural Ukulele tuning. I’m tuning it with a low G string. It’s like playing the four high strings of a guitar starting at the fifth fret.

Considering this Ukulele, it is an excellent instrument. I like it because I play in a different range than a regular guitar, and also because of the neck’s length, I do things that I don’t usually do on a guitar.

Check the video

Because of that, I play differently, naturally.

Pickups are amazing. When I saw them at first, I expected them to be horrible, and I was worried about finding good pickups of that size. But they are amazing.

When you play such heavy sound with single coils and have zero noise, no feedback, and no microphone racket, this means the pickups are excellent.

The only issue I have with this Ukulele is with the top horn. My hand is way too big, so I cannot access the high frets. Considering the small neck and the four strings, it reduces possibilities a lot. Soon, I intend to modify the body shape to solve that issue.

I’m waiting after the last shipping from France holding all my tools. So I’ll proceed when I get them.

I am going to end this video by playing the last song I wrote, focusing on this instrument. I played the bass line using my Ubass owning Kalla strings and synth sounds using my C4 Synth pedal. I did some backing guitar synth sound using my Boss Sy1000.

The song is named “Jumping Fleas.” This is the meaning of the word Ukulele in Hawaiian. The Ukulele is formerly from Portugal. The Hawaiians called the instrument the Ukulele when they saw the rapid movement of the Portuguese musicians.

Jumping Fleas

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