Guyker Roller Nut installation – Fender LSR Alternative & Comparison

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Install a Guiker Roller nut and comparison with LSR Roller Nut

Guyker Roller Nut installation - Fender LSR Alternative & Comparison
Guyker Roller Nut installation – Fender LSR Alternative & Comparison


In this video, I will show you how easy installing a Guiker Roller nut is and compare it with the highly pricey Fender LSR Roller Nut.

I already installed one in the review I made of my Dame Les Paul Copy. I didn’t show how to install it in detail because it was the first time I was doing it.

Here is the video of the Dame Les Paul Copy mods

I breifly reviewed the Guyker roller nut in this one.


I ordered three, and I was so much convinced about it that I ordered six more that I’m waiting.

In this video, I will show you how to install it on two different types of guitar

A custom Telecaster and a Custom PRS I both reviewed recently.

The job is a little more complex on the Tele because I have to remove some fingerboard wood. However, on the PRS, it is straightforward.

After watching the install on those two types of guitar, you are set to go on every electric guitar possible.


Finally, it was a little bit more complex to install it on my telecaster than I thought. So I started removing some fingerboard material to make it larger using an Exacto knife and a regular file.

Once again, a chair succumbed to my 115 kilos

But I immediately realized that I had to remove all the thickness of the fingerboard because the nut was much higher than the original one.

So I used my saw to cut the rosewood fingerboard up to the maple neck. After removing all the unnecessary wood, I applied varnish on the part that remained visible after the nut. I just had to apply some crazy glue to the bottom part of the nut, and voila.

Quick update

After finishing installing the nut, I realized that it was a bit too high. So I filed down just the width of the nut so that it was lower and could have more adjustment range. Unfortunately, I forgot to film it so, here is how it is now and it is perfect. I might look complex, but varnishing and drying included took me less than 30 minutes.

The second guitar was straightforward. It took less than 10 minutes to achieve. No filing. I Just had to remove the original nut, the truss rod cover, gluing the Guyker nut base, placing the new nut. Tuning it, and voila.

This Guyker roller nut is Taylor-made for those types of nuts, like PRS, Gibson, etc. Of course, there is much more work on strat like nuts. But it is easily achievable too.

Comparison: Guyker Roller Nut VS Fender LSR Roller Nut

  • first of all the price

I paid the LRS Roller nut 59€ at thomann
and the guyker 16.91€ plus 3.65€ shipping

But the most important is:How both nuts function

with the Fender LSR, you must shorten the first fret of the guitar. Because, the strings start to vibrate at the end of the roller. So if you don’t remove the extra bit, the tuning is going to be wrong.

With the guyker, the system is upside down. The strings start to vibrate at the end of the nut, like a regular nut. So, there is no need to shorten the fingerboard. It is just replacing a plastic nut with a metal one.

Even if the Guiker is more challenging to install on a strat, it is still easier than the LSR roller nut. With the fender one, you have to remove as much fingerboard as the Guiker and still have to shorten it.

With both nuts, it is not reversible on strat-like instruments. But the Guyker is on any Gibson-like nut.

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