Switching a Chinese Bigsby for a Stetsbar Stop-Tail – Install Setting and Demo

Last Updated on October 14, 2021 by Hervé Senni

I am switching a first price (crap) Chinese Bigsby tremolo for a Stetsbar Stop-Tail tremolo

In the video published in this article, I explain how to install it and set it up in floating mode.

Right now, it isn’t easy to get a stetsbar tremolo. DUe to covid lockout all around the world, the Tremolo is MIA. All the sites selling stetsbar products are out of stock, including the stetsbar website. I was finally able to find one in England. Unfortunately, it was one of the last they had in stock.

Talking about the Stetsbar Stop-Tail tremolo, it is the best piece of equipment you can get for top tail guitar aside from whammy bars such as Kahler or the FXR from Floyd Rose. You can reverb the guitar to its original shape in under ten minutes, and the setting is straightforward to achieve.

When it first came out, it had a bad press. Probably due to its look and also to the way the term is acting. You have to get used to it because it doesn’t work as a regular start tremolo, but once you get used to it, it is by far better.

>>> Bigsby guitar bridge <<<


>>> Bigsby guitar bridge <<<

great selection of Bigsby guitar bridge

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