Testing Chinese Ukulele & Low G String Set

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Testing Chinese Ukulele – First price on Lazada

testing Ukulele

I am Testing Chinese Ukulele I bought on Lazada for the low price of ฿3,197.00 (87.80 EUR or 104.63 USD). 

This Chinese Ukulele buy was terrible from the start. I ordered a Ukulele with a cutaway. After waiting over three weeks to be delivered, I received an instrument with no cutaway…. It was a nightmare to get a refund. Lazada customer support was no help to pick it up; they needed almost another three weeks to have it picked home and proceed with a refund finally. 

I ordered one more time a Ukulele with a cutaway to another seller. Before ordering, I chatted with the seller to be sure the instrument on sale had a cutaway. I told him that I returned it because the previous seller sent me the wrong product. 

He was a yesman being favorable to all my questions. Guess what? He sent me the same Ukulele I received from the previous seller… I was so pissed off; I decided to keep it!

Check the video I made testing this crappy Ukulele


Was I wrong!

The Ukulele is crap, so is the Low G String Set. The piezo sucks. There’s a vast difference in volume on the high A string compare to the other three strings. 

Low G String Set

The Low G String Set is also horrible. All the strings are almost the same size, except the low G. As a result, only the low G and the high A are usable. The two strings in the middle are too light. Therefore, it buzzes a lot when you play. No matter how light you pick the strings, they are buzzing. 

I think I’m going to put the three high strings from the original string set on the instrument.

Finally, in the end, ฿3,197.00 (87.80 EUR or 104.63 USD) is not cheap. This is the price of a traditional instrument. I am disappointed by this purchase.

I selected other ukuleles on Lazada, and also I have some better ones accessible on my guitar shop website.

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