SSS Pickguard – Women Tone, Bass Cut & 2 Vols

Last Updated on August 18, 2020 by Hervé Senni

SSS custom pickguard for Stratocaster- Women Tone, Bass Cut & 2 Volumes

This SSS custom pickguard is my latest creation. I always like to try new settings and test them.

I got the bass cut and women tone idea from a Hagstrom Retroscape Impala guitar I have. It simply adds a resistor or a capacitor to the circuit.

A 12K resistor on the women tone switch (on/on), and a 0.003Mf capacitor on the other On/On switch. (bass cut).

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The pickguard features

2 volumes pot

  • The first volume works on the neck and middle pickup
  • The 2nd volume pot works on the bridge pickup

The tone pot is only active on the neck and middle pickups.

3 Toggle Switch

  • First switch

The famous Gilmour switches. It activates the neck pickup no matter what, giving seven possible settings

  • Second switch

The women tone. A 12K resistor was added to the circuit.

  • Third switch

The bass cut switch cuts out the bass frequencies and renders a more treble sound.

Take a look at the video I did testing it on my test strat

You can get it on my own website, or eBay depending on your shopping habits.

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If the listing is over, contact me, and I’ll make a custom one on order.

  • Listing is sold out

I can make any custom pickguard possibilities on order. Use the contact form, and we can sort it out.

I can wire the pickguard, and you use your pickups.

Everything possible, the sky’s the limit.

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