TremKing Tremolo TKS-1 for Stratocaster

Last Updated on August 14, 2021 by Hervé Senni

In this article, I review the TremKing Tremolo I installed on my custom Strat

I already reviewed that custom strat four years ago and more recently for the GK3 pickup I installed on it.
In this article and video, I focus on the Trem King Tremolo I have installed since.

Great list of Tremolo Bridges

First of all, you have to modify the guitar body to install it. So if you want to resell your guitar or if it’s a collection strat, don’t do it.
They claim that you can retrofit the tremolo, but it’s not true. If you remove it, you’ll end up with a nasty screw hole on the guitar body.

The install

You have to drill three screw holes on top of the guitar. And also, more importantly, to enlarge the vibrato pocket. Templates are handed, so it is straightforward to do.

You can get all the installation info on their website.

How the system works

Unlike every other tremolo, the saddles do not move. The TremKing is a fixed bridge, fixed saddle system. The intonation point NEVER changes; the action happens inside.
You can palm mute without fear of altering the tuning. And if you are not actioning the tremolo, it works like a regular fixed bridge.
Just have a look inside the tremolo pocket to see how the tremolo works.

With the Trem King, you cannot get the regular fender tremolo action. Instead, you have to press harder, and the conventional Fender effect is not doable with the Trem king.

Great list of Tremolo Bridges

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