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All the articles have wiring sketches, videos on how it sounds and links to get the gear needed to do the same.

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source audio c4 synth pedal review

[smart_post_show id="4832"] Demo of the C4 synth pedal On my Ubass and a guitar   The C4 Synth combines all the sound creation tools of...

TremKing Tremolo TKS-1 for Stratocaster

[smart_post_show id="4832"] In this article, I review the TremKing Tremolo I installed on my custom Strat I already reviewed that custom strat four years ago...

Kazuki Neon Mini TL Telecaster

[smart_post_show id="4832"] Kazuki Neon Mini TL Telecaster This article is a review of the Kazuki Neon Mini Telecaster guitar.  I bought this guitar in the...

beavis audio research

[smart_post_show id="4832"] [ad_1] Guitar DIY Projects and Schematics from Beavis Audio Research [ad_2] Source by axegrinderz...

How to install AHB-3?

[smart_post_show id="4832"] [ad_1] wiring diagram [ad_2] Source by axegrinderz...

Fender Esquire Wiring Mod

[smart_post_show id="4832"] [ad_1] The Guitar Wiring Blog – diagrams and tips: Fender Esquire Wiring Mod [ad_2] Source by axegrinderz...

Pickup and harness wiring schematics

[smart_post_show id="4832"] [ad_1] No matter the brand or design of the guitar or bass you are wiring, we believe we have a schematic that will...


[smart_post_show id="4832"] [ad_1] Wiring Diagrams Guitar – www.automanualpar… [ad_2] Source by axegrinderz...

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